Win a $100 Gift Card

Win a $100 Gift Card

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Every month at Dental Health Clinic, we give back to you, our patients, for all the support that you guys show us!

We know that you guys write reviews for us and enter our referral program, not for yourself, but because you can help us out or even give back to the community with our commitment to donating $20 to the local GTA food bank for every referral. If you want to learn more about the referral program, click here.

But we still want to give back to all of you for putting in the time to help us grow as a small, locally owned dental practice. We can’t pay you, that would be illegal and unethical, so instead we will run a raffle draw once a month for everyone that has written a review for us or have referred a friend or family member!

It’s simple, there’s two ways to win:

  1. Write a review for Dental Health Clinic on (either):

     >  Google

     >  Facebook

  2. Have a friend or family member book an appointment and list your name as the referral
  3. Do BOTH!

We’ll run the draw at the end of every month and you’ll be contacted by our office administrator to collect your $100 gift card.

Again, on behalf of the Dental Health Clinic team, thank you!

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