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Orthodontic Treatment – Braces, Then and Now

The world of orthodontics has drastically changed over the past 10 years. Braces used to be larger and included excess parts such as head-gear; uncomfortable causing cuts in the cheeks and gums, and requires more frequent appointments to the orthodontist. Do you remember seeing these types of orthodontic tools in movies? I do. Due to […]

Can Lasers Save Your Teeth? If You Suffer From Bleeding Gums, You Have Options.

Laser Gum Treatment is Making Waves in Addressing Gum Disease. If You Suffer From Bleeding Gums, You Have Options. If you’ve been recently diagnosed with gum disease, you’re not alone. According to the Canadian Dental Association, seven out of 10 Canadians will develop what’s known as periodontal disease at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, […]

Is Your Child Too Young for Braces?

Understanding the Best Age to Get Braces for Kids Even though children require orthodontic treatment for many reasons, parents often wonder if their kids are too young for braces. From crooked teeth to overlaps and even “bad bites,” braces for kids are being introduced early for a number of reasons. Below, we’ll outline the best […]

Too Old for Braces?

5 Benefits of Having Braces at 40 or Older When many of us think about wearing braces, we often picture our uncomfortable teenage years. While braces, head gear and retainers signified a middle-school era for many, the truth is orthodontics have benefits for every age group. In fact, more than one in four of every […]

5 Consequences When Neglecting Your Dentist

Healthy living allows you to make the most out of the experiences you want.  While most people think of a healthy lifestyle in terms of physically fitness, far fewer think of oral health as an important factor in a healthy life. According to the US National Library of Medicine, oral health is linked to overall […]

Electric vs Manual

Electric vs Manual – You know how important brushing your teeth is. Without a toothbrush to use, your trips to the dentist might not be as quick and easy. With an increasing number of electric tooth brushes on the market and a higher awareness about oral hygiene, many people have questions about if electric really […]