Virtually Invisible Aligners & Custom-Made For You

If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth, look no further. It’s not just about having a confident smile, there’s actually many dental health benefits from having straight teeth:


  • Healthier Teeth and Gums — Say goodbye to swollen gums because your teeth are too crowded. With Invisalign, your teeth will straighten out, allowing your gums to fit more securely around each tooth.
  • Easier Cleaning — With braces, a big challenge is getting to the spots around the wires and braces, which may lead to plaque build up. Invisalign solves that problem with removable aligners, allowing you reach any part of your mouth.


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Why Get Braces?

  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve oral hygiene
  • Easier to brush and floss
  • Higher quality of life
  • Better digestion


Every Orthodontic Case Starts With a Smile Consultation


Your initial consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our team, learn more about orthodontics, receive a complete initial exam, and find out which treatment options will best meet your needs.

Types of Braces

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of high-grade stainless steel, metal braces straighten your teeth using metal brackets and archwires. With metal braces, you have the option of adding colored elastics (rubber bands) for a more unique and colorful smile.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth than metal braces. For this reason, ceramic braces are used mainly on older teenagers and adult patients who have cosmetic concerns. While they are visually less prominent, they do require more attention to oral hygiene as ceramic braces are larger and are more brittle than their metal counterparts. For these reasons, ceramic braces tend to be used more on upper front teeth than on lower teeth.


Invisalign uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners to straighten your teeth. And, no one can tell you are wearing Invisalign because it’s invisible! Not only are the aligners invisible, they are removable, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, plus brushing and flossing are less of a hassle. The aligners are comfortable and have no metal to cause mouth abrasions during treatment. Please visit our Invisalign page to learn more about.