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Invisalign has transformed orthodontic treatment by providing a discreet and pleasant alternative to conventional braces. However, like with other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign may cause pain, particularly when moving to new aligners. This is where Invisalign chewables come in. These little, spongy cylinders are intended to help your aligners fit correctly and alleviate pain. In this complete guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Invisalign chewies, including how to use them, their advantages, and where to get them.

Discover the secret to a snugger fit with Invisalign chewies.

Clear Aligner Chewies Overview

Clear aligner chewies, sometimes called Invisalign chewies or aligner seaters, are tiny, cylindrical instruments composed of soft, spongy plastic. They are generally the size of a cotton roll and are intended to be softly chewed on while wearing aligners. The primary function of chewies is to assist in pressing your aligners into position, providing a tight fit around your teeth.

Chewies come in a variety of colors and tastes, but their function remains the same regardless of cosmetic changes. They are a vital accessory for many Invisalign users since they help increase treatment success and minimize pain.

Steps to Choose Best Invisalign Chewies

When selecting the finest Invisalign chewies, there are a few variables to consider:


To guarantee safety and comfort, use chewies made of medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials.


Standard chewies are around 1 inch long and 0.5 inch in diameter, which is enough for most users.


Some users like softer chewies, while others believe harder ones are more beneficial. You may need to test both to see which works best for you.


While not required, some individuals like flavored chewies to make the experience more pleasurable.


While there are several generic choices available, some users prefer chewies from well-known orthodontic brands for quality assurance.

Benefits of Aligner Chewies

Aligner chewies provide various advantages to Invisalign users:

Improved Aligner Fit:

Chewies assist in pressing your aligners into position, ensuring that they are tight against your teeth. This increases the efficacy of your therapy.

Reduced Discomfort:

Chewies may help your aligners fit correctly, reducing the discomfort of using new aligners.

Faster Treatment:

Properly positioned aligners are more effective, possibly shortening your total treatment duration.

Reduce Air Bubbles:

Chewies help reduce air bubbles between your teeth and the aligner, resulting in complete contact and greater outcomes.

Stress release:

Chewing on the chewie may release stress in the same way that chewing gum does.


Chewies are a low-cost approach to improve your Invisalign treatment and prevent pricey complications.

Steps for Invisalign Chewies Treatment

Understanding the Invisalign chewies treatment procedure can help you better understand the function of chewies. Here’s a quick summary of the usual steps:


Your orthodontist will check your teeth and discuss your objectives to see whether Invisalign is a good fit for you.

Treatment Planning:

Your orthodontist will develop a personalized treatment plan using 3D imaging technology.

Aligner Creation:

Your treatment plan will be used to produce a sequence of bespoke aligners.

Starting Treatment:

You will be given your first set of aligners and instructions on how to utilize them.

Wearing Aligners:

You’ll wear each set of aligners for around 1-2 weeks, usually 20-22 hours each day.

Regular check-ups:

Your orthodontist will schedule periodic visits to assess your progress.

Switching Aligners:

You will proceed to the next set of aligners in your series as advised by your orthodontist.


Once you have worn all of your aligners, your treatment is complete.


To keep your new smile, you will need to wear a retainer.

Chewies might be especially useful between stages 5 and 7 when you’re wearing new aligners that may feel tight or unpleasant.

Invisalign Chewies Care

Proper maintenance of your Invisalign chewies is essential for maintaining cleanliness and extending their longevity. Here are some caring tips:

  • Rinse Before and After Use: Always wash your chewie with water before and after use.
  • Daily Cleaning: Clean your chewie with mild soap and warm water.
  • After cleaning, let your chewie air dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Store your chewie correctly by keeping it in a clean, dry container when not in use.
  • Replace your chewie every 2-4 weeks or sooner if it begins to show signs of wear.
  • Chewies are personal objects that should not be shared with others.
  • Do not expose your chewie to very hot or cold conditions, as this may compromise its integrity.

Invisalign Chewies For Tight Teeth

Invisalign chewies are especially handy when your aligners feel tight, which is normal after transitioning to a new set. Here’s how to use chewies to treat tight teeth:

Insert your aligner. Install your new aligner as best you can.

Place the Chewie:

Position the chewie between your upper and lower teeth, covering the region where the aligner feels tight.

Bite Down Gently:

Bite down on the chewie and hold it for 5-10 seconds.

Move Around:

Move the chewie around your mouth, concentrating on regions where the aligner feels tight.


Repeat this procedure for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day, or as directed by your orthodontist.

Using chewies in this manner might make your tight aligners more comfortable and practical.

Buy Invisalign Chewies

Many orthodontists provide chewies directly to their patients.  When purchasing chewies, consider buying in bulk to save money and have a fresh supply on hand. A pack of 10-20 chewies usually costs between $5 and $15, depending on the brand and where you buy them.


Invisalign chewies are a simple yet powerful technique for improving your Invisalign treatment experience. By assisting you in correctly seating your aligners, they may increase the efficiency of your treatment, minimize pain, and even speed up your path to a beautiful, straight smile.

Remember to use your chewies as prescribed by your orthodontist, usually for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times each day, particularly when transitioning to new aligners. While chewies are a helpful accessory, they are just one component of your Invisalign treatment. Always adhere to and visit the Dental Health Clinic for aligner use duration, dental cleanliness, and follow-up sessions. With determination and the necessary tools, like your trusted chewies, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the smile of your dreams.

Dr. Priya Chaudhry

Dr. Priya Chaudhry

Dr. Priya Chaudhry, a talented dentist. She loves making smiles better by combining her knowledge with a caring approach. Dr. Chaudhry's blog is full of helpful dental tips, helping readers feel confident about their oral health and sporting a bright, happy smile.