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Cosmetic Dentistry

Design Your Dream Smile


Revamp Your Smile with a Stunning Smile Makeover

At the Dental Health Clinic, we understand the significance of a smile for our patients of all ages. That’s why we provide exceptional cosmetic dentistry services to enhance your confidence, self-esteem and overall appearance. Our dedicated team offers personalized consultation and various cosmetic dental treatments to cater to your unique needs. Whether you seek minor enhancements or a complete smile transformation, we’re here to help with a consultative approach.

  • NTeeth Whitening
  • NTeeth Straightening
  • NDental Veneers
  • NDental Crowns
  • NDental Bridges
  • NDental Impants
  • NInvisalign
  • NSmile Makeover
  • Nand more...

Explore our cosmetic dental solutions for an impeccable smile transformation

teeth whitening


Say Goodbye to Stains and Discoloration with Our Teeth Whitening

Achieving a brighter and more radiant smile has never been easier with our comprehensive range of teeth whitening treatments. Discover a world of endless possibilities with Zoom! in-office tooth whitening, just one of the quickest and simplest ways to enhance your overall appearance.

  • NTeeth Discoloration
  • NYellow Teeth
  • NStained Teeth
  • NUneven Color
  • NSmoking Stains
  • NCoffee Stains
  • NWine Stains
  • NTea Stains

Dental Veneers

Restore damanged teeth with Dental Veneers

These tailor-made shells, crafted with porcelain or resin material, are designed to perfectly fit over your teeth providing you with a natural-looking smile. With veneers, you don’t have to worry about chipped, stained, irregularly shaped, spaced or worn-down teeth anymore. They’re designed to withstand future staining and are resistant to damage. Experience a natural-looking, durable, and reliable dental solution by opting for veneers.

  • NPorcelian Veneers
  • NComposite Veneers
  • NUltra-thin Veneers
  • NNo-prep Veneers
  • NMinimal-prep Veneers

Dental Crowns

An Effective Solution for Damaged Teeth and Implants

Dental crowns are an ideal solution to cover a damaged tooth or an implant and restore its original appearance and function. In essence, it serves as a protective cap that encapsulates your tooth. There are different materials to choose from when considering a dental crown, but porcelain or ceramic crowns are a popular choice amongst many patients. These materials offer a natural look and feel as they can be shaded to blend in with the color of your teeth.

  • NFull Coverage Crowns
  • NTemporary Crowns
  • NAbutment Crowns
  • NInlay Crown
  • NOverlay Crown

Dental Bridges

Bridge the gap for a complete smile with dental bridges

A missing tooth can cause unsightly gaps and also lead to the shifting of other teeth in your mouth, resulting in problems with bite and alignment. A well-crafted bridge serves as an optimal solution in such situations, providing an aesthetically pleasing replacement tooth anchored firmly in place by the existing teeth on either side of the gap. By opting for a dental bridge, you can restore both the functionality and appearance of your smile in an efficient manner. Don’t let missing teeth compromise your bite, confidence, and oral health.

  • NTraditional Dental Bridge
  • NCantilever Dental Bridge
  • NMaryland Dental Bridge
  • NImplant-Supported Dental Bridge
cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic Bonding

Say goodbye to dental imperfections with cosmetic bonding

Dental bonding, a painless and easy cosmetic procedure, can fix chipped teeth, close gaps, and even reshape your pearly whites. Through the application of tooth-colored resin in thin layers, followed by hardening with either an ultraviolet light or laser, dentists can restore the natural look of your teeth with a quick, affordable solution. Polishing it to perfection creates a complete cosmetic restoration that makes you smile with confidence.

  • NComposite Bonding
  • NChipped Tooth Repair
  • NSmall Gap Closure
  • NEnamel Shaping
  • NTooth Contouring

Dental Implants

Rediscover the joy of eating and smiling with natural-looking dental implants

Dental implants offer a lasting solution to missing teeth as they closely match the natural appearance, function, and feel of real teeth. During the procedure, an implanted titanium post serves as the base for mounting a tooth or bridge, thus avoiding the need for additional support from nearby teeth while preventing shifting or loosening.bone, with a replacement tooth or bridge over top. 

  • NTwo-Stage Implants
  • NSingle-Stage Implants
  • NCeramic Implants
  • NZygomatic Implants
  • NSubperiosteal Implants
  • NIntramucosal Implants
gum shaping

Gum Shaping

Transform your smile with our customized gum reshaping solutions

With the help of a specialized dental laser, your gum line can be corrected by contouring your gums. This quick and minimally invasive procedure removes excess gum tissue, resulting in even gum lines and well-proportioned teeth. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of your smile, but it also helps address common gum-related issues. Say goodbye to uneven gum lines and hello to a more confident smile.quick and painless. 

  • NGum Contouring
  • NGum Lift
  • NGum Reduction
  • NGummy Smile Correction
  • NLaser Gum Treatment
  • NGum Sculpting




Smile Makeovers In Etobicoke

Experience the magic of cosmetic dentistry with us. Our highly personalized smile makeovers are designed to cater to your unique requirements, giving you the confidence to smile your best. With over two decades of experience in cosmetic dentistry, our dentist in Etobicoke offers the latest techniques and treatments customized just for you.

happy smiling girl
teeth whitening
teeth whitening